Intergage AI Statement

At Intergage, we're big believers in the power of AI, and we're committed to using it in ways that are ethical, safe, and effective. Here's our approach: 

Ethical AI Use: 

  • We will always ensure that our use of AI tools upholds and reinforces brand reputation and client trust. 

  • We're open and honest with our partners about how we use AI. 

  • We believe AI works best when complementing human expertise, rather than replacing it. 

  • We make sure our AI practices follow all relevant laws and ethical standards. 

  • We have implemented training and checks to avoid creating work that is biased, harmful, misleading, or offensive. 

Safety with AI

  • We adhere to data protection laws and privacy standards when sharing sensitive or confidential information. 

  • Our process includes human checkpoints to guarantee the quality and accuracy of AI outputs. “The AI made a mistake” is not an acceptable excuse.  

  • We respect and clearly define intellectual property and copyright limits for AI-generated content. 

  • Our AI tool usage complies with our Business Terms of Service, Privacy Policy, and Usage Policy

Effective Use of AI: 

  • We use a company-approved list of AI tools to maintain consistency and quality. 

  • We regularly review our selected AI tools to ensure they meet our high standards. 

  • We equip our staff with training and resources to excel in using AI effectively in our industry. 

  • We will always ensure content creation is enhanced by our use of AI tools, and that output is checked for quality and accuracy. 

By adopting these principles, Intergage is committed to leading the way in responsible and innovative AI use in our industry. 

The current use-cases for AI tools are listed below, note that this list will change as the tools develop: 

  • Initial research and drafting for copy projects (e.g.: blogs and whitepapers) 

  • Market research and strategy planning (i.e. researching the buying committee, the big player in a market, what the buying process looks like, writing buyer personas) 

  • Summarising the sentiment of initial research  

  • Analysing data 

  • Planning content strategies  

  • SEO support  

  • Scheduling and managing digital ads 

  • Video and Podcast creation and editing 

  • Code development and testing