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We are the marketing agency for tech and manufacturing and a Platinum HubSpot Solutions Partner.

Unlike other agencies, we have a relentless focus on providing you with the best possible return on your marketing investment. Forget about followers, likes and shares. You need a real return to your bottom line.

Powered by technology, we're a flexible in-house team with 20+ years' experience and a total focus on the tech and manufacturing sectors and HubSpot. 

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Helping small businesses use technology to track, manage and improve every customer journey touchpoint.

We believe that a website is no longer a stand-alone technology, it should be an extension of your CRM system, a gateway to your business and an online system for servicing and supporting your customers.

We provide a single, cloud-based system for marketing, sales, service delivery and customer support. One team, brought together by one system in order to focus on customers, maximise automation, minimise software licenses, eliminate data silos and end integration nightmares.

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Helping a small selection of hand-picked people and brands whom we believe make the world a better place.

These businesses are great at what they do, but need a marketing partner to help them with marketing strategy and execution in order to fulfill their potential.

At Marketing Partnerships we work on a share of success - rather than a daily or hourly rate - which might mean a small retainer, a commission-based or equity upside (or all three).

Right now, while we welcome your enquiry, we are currently at capacity and operating a waiting list. 

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