"Aligning technology to optimally meet business objectives continues to challenge many organisations."

IT Industry Outlook 2018

This starts with shortcomings in developing a strategy and vision that covers not only technology, but also the people and process elements.

Because most technology initiatives today span multiple functional areas and entail many moving parts (infrastructure, mobile environments, data integrations), projects can quickly derail without the necessary levels of commitment and resources.Business Challenges Technology

IT Industry Outlook 2018, CompTIA

So how can the tech industry overcome this problem? Isn’t this inherently a marketing problem?

Falling costs and advanced user interfaces allow tech to be used more broadly than ever – and the lower bar to entry means that it is easier to develop new ideas and applications.

But this causes confusion for the buyer. A crowded market, lack of differentiation and the ease of purchase (with the rise of as-a-service offerings) mean that choosing and buying tech is almost a commodity.

However, this approach leads businesses to purchase tech incrementally, often badly and without due diligence and the strategy required to transform their business in the way they had hoped.

The CompTIA report also highlights the primary challenges businesses face trying to make progress with technology. ROI, regulation (GDPR for one), clear use case and lack of internal skills are the major stumbling blocks.

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Where does marketing

fit in?

By understanding the decision-makers, their buying journey and overcoming their key concerns at the right moment, you as a tech business can infiltrate the buying process and educate them...placing your solution into their research phase...ahead of the competition.

And by overcoming these key challenges clearly in your messaging, you have more chance of owning the buyer’s journey. This in turn will lead not only to more incremental sales, but to more sales of the right type – long-lasting, high LTV (lifetime value) customers that you can continue to serve moving forward.

Where do

you start?

How about a coffee, an hour of your time invested in the future of your business? Since the turn of the century Intergage has been helping technology businesses like yours to grow. Meet with one of our directors and let’s see if we can work together.

Alternatively use the chat window or complete a form. Or you could phone us, 01202 684009.

What will happen

after that?

If there is a meeting of minds, and you are determined to meet your business growth goals (but are unsure how you will achieve that), we would suggest the next step is an audit.

An audit will look at your current marketing position, how well you are doing against your competition. We have a host of tools that can undress your competition, laying bare their marketing techniques – enabling us to grade you against them.

We will look in detail at your digital footprint and that of your sector to provide us with insight to develop a series of recommendations that we can turn into a strategy for growth.



Should our audit and strategy recommendations prove that there is potential to meet your growth goals – and you have a burning desire, budget and mindset - we will turn this strategy into a marketing plan.

We will focus on lead generation, customer acquisition and customer retention. Working with you and your team collaboratively we will set about delivering this plan and hitting your targets.

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