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The challenge

Tablemates is a local business providing daily ‘pop-up’ lunch services to businesses of 150+ employees. In recent years it had identified a fundamental challenge – the loss of the lunch break.

With that came the loss of communication, team bonding and company culture – particularly in larger organisations.

Tablemates wanted to transform lunchtimes by focusing on the fact that real communication happens face to face! The benefits of half an hour spent face-to-face with peers having real conversations should never be underestimated.

Bring Back Lunch was born to facilitate a healthier working environment by using great food as a communication platform.

Naturally, this client wanted to generate leads and brand awareness but there were additional and more significant objectives including:

  • promoting ‘wellness’ in the workplace
  • adding value to local companies
  • 'proof of concept' for this new service offering
  • gaining valuable feedback on the service and the impact on individual workplaces.

The priority was to ’sell’ the message to specific decision-makers including Managing Directors, Financial Directors, Human Resources Directors and Marketing Directors.

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The solution

Tablemates aimed to acquire three new contracts from a wish list of local, medium-sized businesses consisting of 150+ employees.

The plan involved developing a campaign-based approach with multiple touchpoints over a range of communication platforms including email, face-to-face meetings and direct mail.

The aim was to send key decision maker high impact messages via their preferred channels.

The campaign comprised of:

  1. initial emails containing different messages for each decision maker focusing on specific challenges and the benefits of re-establishing lunchbreaks
  2. ‘lumpymail’ delivering a branded box containing delicious food
  3. a series of follow-up calls from the Tablemates sales director.

The journey

The campaign was delivered over a relatively short time meaning it needed to be focused, efficient and collaborative.

Planning and preparationTableMates-Case-Study

Initially the focus was on communicating with HR Directors however we felt it important to consider other decision makers to understand how best to engage with each company.

The most important stage of the campaign was to develop the messaging for each decision maker, ensuring it really focused on their challenges and positioned the Bring Back Lunch offering in the most relevant way.

Face-to-face meetings with the client and several iterations ensured that the messaging was on-point. Collating feedback from colleagues and stakeholders also helped shape the key messages.


The next step was to source the appropriate food-safe packaging and to apply a design to accurately reflect the brand. The priority was to ensure that the packaging met food safety standards whilst still having impact when received. The packaging needed to reinforce key messages from the previous email communications to tie the campaign together.

Developing packaging from scratch can be a challenge but these visuals came together smoothly and the end result was eye-catching yet functional.


This campaign had brilliant engagement rates from key stakeholders that Tablemates would not otherwise have engaged with. The messaging allowed us to communicate with key decision makers and get buy-in from multiple points within a business.

The results

Lead acquisition including:


new multi-site contract


large contract opportunities

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