If content is king then video is the king of content

Video and animation is a great way to increase your conversions at every stage of the B2B marketing process.

Using video to make more sales

When you're selling to bright, informed and empowered buyers you can use video to educate, inform and help your potential customers at every stage of their buying journey. An investment in video could:

  • intrigue potential customers in social media and persuade them to visit your landing page

  • improve landing page conversions

  • introduce a new concept or solution using powerful animations

  • demonstrate a product 

  • educate and inform over time 

  • communicate regularly and cost effectively at scale to customers, resellers, shareholders or journalists

  • open doors as part of an intelligent automated prospecting campaign (Virtual Sales Presentation).

You can even use video in direct mail. 

An intelligent investment in video can last years and return hundreds of times what it cost to produce.


The virtual sales presentation (VSP)

When it's time for sales to engage with your prospects you only get one chance to impress. A virtual sales presentation is a tool for sales professionals to create beautiful, tailored video presentations easily and quickly.

A powerful, personalised video can impress your business prospects and differentiate you from the crowd. You'll be amazed how easily you can:

  • tailor an elegant video to your prospect's sector, role and interests

  • personalise your videos by adding your prospect's face, company, logo and other images into the video.

  • combine the power of video with direct mail, email and Google Ads re-marketing to turn your video into a prospecting campaign.

Your virtual business TV studio

Creating regular video content can be an excellent way to:

  • communicate with a reseller channel

  • talk to a distributed team

  • keep customers up to date with new developments

  • educate, inform and train at scale

  • communicate with shareholders and other stakeholders.

Creating a custom TV studio would be way beyond the budget capability of most marketing teams. We use technology to solve that problem by combining what's real and what's virtual in a way that lowers that barrier to entry. We help you to produce business TV in a way that will change the perception of your business forever.

Video as direct mail

Video cards are a great way to get the attention of a busy prospect.

We'll help you to cut through the noise – and avoid the issues of GDPR – by using direct mail to deliver your video message.

If you have a high value proposition or a high lifetime value customer then you can afford to use video cards as the ultimate direct mail piece.

Beautiful 7" screens, custom-printed cases and built-in speakers mean you can deliver a great looking mailing piece and powerful, persuasive video presentation in full colour to your prospect at their desk. Unit prices for 7" screens start at around £50 +VAT. Smaller screens are available on request.

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