Create great content, create great relationships

Your customers and potential customers expect your business to be present on the appropriate social networks because they are.

When researching your company, they expect to be able to check out the social media profiles of key people in your organisation, read your blog and tune into your posts to see what kind of organisation they might be dealing with. 

The social media opportunity is bigger than that however. Creating great content and getting sharing it online can open new doors and start new conversations and relationships you never even imagined were possible. 

Your key people need to be able to take advantage of these opportunities. In today's connected world being an expert isn't enough. You have to be a visible expert. You have to be accessible.

We can help you:

  • define which channels to use and how to engage with your target audiences

  • design, build and brand your organisation’s social media profiles

  • build a strategy to help you meet your objectives

  • create compelling content for your social media platforms

  • utilise social media activity to improve search engine rankings

  • track and report on web traffic and conversions generated by social media campaigns

  • train your team to use social media more effectively.

Social media advertising

Social media has developed into a powerful platform for advertisers. Social media advertising offers extremely targeted and often effective platforms on which to promote your products or services.

We can work with you to help you manage your own advertising campaigns or we can manage them for you, ensuring your target market sees your ads and takes the action you desire. We focus our attention on the advertising platforms that deliver results.

  • LinkedIn Advertising – an excellent, targeted platform for B2B marketing, ensuring your ads are seen by the right business decision makers and emails are targeted to a precise audience.

  • Facebook Advertising – powerful advertising offering precision targeting. Often overlooked as a B2B tool, it is a constantly evolving platform so please get in touch to find out what’s on offer.

  • YouTube Advertising - sophisticated audience building solutions mean getting a compelling message in front of you potential audience has become a cost effective promotional tool.

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