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What is Technical SEO? In essence, it is about making sure your site is fit for purpose.

There are some fundamental truths about your site that need to be in place in order for it to rank well. While content may be the king, the technical set-up of your site is the throne upon which the king sits.

If your site has technical errors that hinder its performance, then it doesn’t really matter about the quality of your content - it will never fulfill its potential.

Google in particular understands much more about how your users interact with your site than it did in the past and so user experience is not only key to achieving results once visitors are on your site, it's key to getting ranked in search results too. 

Google now ranks for mobile devices first so we work with your site to ensure all its content and resources are indexable and accessible on mobile - this is crucial to your ranking success.

Speed is one of Google’s top priorities and it is used as a ranking factor. We can identify and improve your site speed to help both users and crawlers.

Through understanding your internal linking structure we will maximise usability and crawlability – ensuring your site structure is easy to use for humans whilst maximising the ranking visibility of all your pages.

We check your indexing, how many pages of your site are visible and we make sure there are no errors or duplicate content that can affect your visibility adversely.

With Google moving the goal posts and competition fierce, we’re always evolving to optimise the results our clients get.

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