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What is technical SEO? In essence, it is about making sure your site is fit for purpose. Making sure you're visible to your prospects. Making sure it provides the best possible experience to your users.

There are fundamental things that need to be in place in order for you site to rank well. While content may be the king, the technical set-up of your site is the throne upon which the king sits.

If your site has technical errors that hinder its performance, then it doesn’t really matter about the quality of your content – it will never fulfill its potential.

With Google's algorithm constantly changing and your users demands evolving it can be difficult to keep on track of where you should be investing your efforts in SEO.

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Our team of friendly experts is on hand to help you manage and improve your SEO efforts through support, training and by using tried and tested strategies. 

With Google moving the goal posts and competition fierce, we’re always evolving to optimise your site's SEO to give you better results.

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