Plan, create, distribute, analyse

The success of your digital marketing isn't measured through likes, comments or shares but what it brings to your bottom line. Revenue. ROI. Growth. Things that blast your business away from marketing mediocrity and into a different galaxy to your competitors.

What matters is creating outstanding content for a specific type of buyer at a specific point in their journey – be this to attract, inform or educate them.

Digital marketing is a journey. It requires expertise, talent, discipline and commitment. That's where Intergage comes in. We learn fast, getting under the hood of your world so we can take on the job of being your digital marketing team – creating that content for you. And we do so with purpose...

Our focus is to demonstrate that for every pound you pay us, we return a tangible result that really makes a difference to your world.

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Digital marketing audit

"Research is formalised curiosity." Zora Neale Hurston

If we were not curious about your business, market and audience, it would be almost impossible for us to deliver a successful digital marketing strategy...

Our team uses the latest tools to analyse your website, your online competition, your search and social media landscapes to uncover the good, the bad and the ugly about your online presence.

This arms us with the knowledge we need to create digital success for your business.

Online advertising

Online advertising can be invaluable when it comes to targeting a specific audience. In any competitive market, online advertising is the only way to guarantee a presence in front of the right audience – be this on Google, Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter.

Tools such as Google Ads, LinkedIn InMail and Facebook advertising have become hugely sophisticated. If you've done your research and have great messaging then you can guarantee to put the right content in front of the right people.

Worried about wasting your money? Paid advertising is a guaranteed way to get traction fast and quickly work out which ad platforms generate the most cost-effective returns. We use tried and tested strategies to generate leads and ROI for your set budget.

Marketing on demand (MOD)

Businesses are placing an increased emphasis on inbound marketing and less on old-school, outbound sales techniques such as cold-calling.

As the transition from outbound to inbound happens in your business, you may find that your marketing department becomes overworked and under-resourced as it charts new marketing territory.

Scaling up an internal marketing team one person at a time is a tough job. It’s often easier to view an outsourced, Marketing on Demand contract as an alternative to employing a single, new person. Marketing on Demand provides a more flexible solution – supplementing and complementing the skills you have in-house.

Our MoD teams work as an extension of your business, getting to know you, your products and your services. Our directors can advise your team on marketing strategy while our MoD teams devise the campaigns and implement the necessary tactics to deliver the measurable results you need to see to demonstrate a return on investment.

Social media

Social media marketing enables your business to engage with customers, build your brand, network online and drive quality leads to your website.

It's a key part of your marketing strategy and should be managed consistently with an aim to get the most out of each relevant platform.

With specialists in each social platform, we can help you get the most from social media marketing – be this through training, management or even the complete takeover of your platforms.

Technical SEO

SEO (search engine optimisation) matters. If your website isn’t ranking for the questions and queries your prospects search for then there's a black hole in your marketing.

The potential for lost searches equals the potential for lost revenue.

Intergage is recognised nationwide as an SEO agency that delivers results. We specialise in all things Search and use the latest strategies to keep your website in tune with Google’s algorithm updates. We research and test constantly to get the best results for your business.

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