So, you think you know all there is to know about business, sales and marketing. You've done your research, you've checked a million online resources, and you're pleased with the leg work you've put in. One question though, are you sure it's accurate?

The internet is teaming with supposedly credible sources, each peddling their own brand of accuracy which begs the question - how do you know the information you're taking in is correct?

The Intergage seminars seek to manage the influx of garbage content. Covering a wide range of topics and acting as your directory for 'what's new' in marketing. These seminars offer solutions to the issues you're currently facing in business with the added bonus of facilitating discussions with both peers and the expert speakers as well. 

We're big on growing our collective knowledge and through our seminars, we're able to achieve this. 


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Preparing for Launch
11th October 2017

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The Magic of Marketing
24th May 2017

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The Changing Faces of Sales & Marketing 
26th October 2016

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