Your Sales Challenges.

As a sales leader, you’re responsible for juggling many balls. You have to build and scale a sales team, make decisions on commission payments, train new staff, retain your best staff all while making sure your team is hitting the business objectives.

The biggest challenge you face, however, is how the Internet has altered how buyers now engage with sellers. Where once the sales professional held all the cards and owned the buyer's journey by being the only source for information on price, competition, testimonials and features. Now all a buyer needs to do is search on the nearest connected device - which is usually in their pocket and everything they need is a click away - even 3rd party, independent reviews!

The power of information has shifted from the seller to the buyer. 60% of the modern buyer's journey is completed before they ever contact a salesperson.

  • There is more information available than there has ever been
  • Information is more accessible than it has ever been
  • There is more visible competition than ever before
  • There are more product /service launches than ever before.

How can you overcome this modern sales challenge and keep hitting targets?

Resources for you

Marketing Leaders Lunch

Get out of the office and mix with other marketing leaders. A networking event just for Marketeers.

Blogs for Sales Leaders

Read tips, tricks and musings from the Intergage Team. With over 500,000 hours of collective expertise there is bound to be something for you.

Creating Your Solution

Generating qualified leads requires a different approach. Sales & Marketing teams need to work closely together. Identifying, nurturing and closing deals is now a collaborative effort. Prioritising buyers that already active in the journey through personalised content and advice based on their interests is the modern way. It is called Inbound Sales.

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Delivering You Results

Your success is our success. Delivering you what you need to make your life and business better is our aim. We consistently deliver great results for our clients, many of whom have been with us for over 10 years!

However, it all starts with the first step - meeting you to discover your needs.

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