We're a determined and friendly bunch of marketing nerds. Our obsession is using awesome digital marketing technology to help our clients generate more leads, make more sales, delight their customers, build their brand value and increase the lifetime value of their customers. 

A Brief History

Our business is one of the most established and experienced digital marketing agencies in Dorset with a reputation for talking straight, being transparent and getting results.

How It Started

The business that would become Intergage was started in 2000 by software developer Gareth "Harry" Tansey. As long ago as the turn of the century, Intergage was providing cloud-based software for managing and marketing websites. We were providing (a Software As A Service - SAAS) website content management system seven years before WordPress. In February 2003 Mike Finn (then Marketing Director) , Paul Tansey (then Sales Director) and Will Noble (then Managing Director) joined Harry - investing to become shareholders. The company became Intergage.

Rapid Growth

Our business grew rapidly - providing functional, elegant and updateable websites that clients could manage and maintain themselves. We have always loved search engines and online advertising. Once our clients had their websites up and running their next challenge was always to promote their new site effectively. We began teaching our clients how to get to the top of the search engine results pages by creating valuable content - content that their own clients would love. Soon we began counting our customers in hundreds rather than tens.

Marketing as a Service

We've always been happy to train our customers to get results for themselves - providing the tools, training and support they need to get results - but many of our ambitious customers see outsourcing as a more effective way to grow their businesses.

  • Marketing Directors and Managers ask us to supplement their teams with expertise in specific digital marketing, online advertising, social media and content development disciplines. 
  • Marketing Managers often like to outsource online advertising. 
  • Business Owners enjoy consulting with our strategic advisers to develop new and better ways to go to market. 
  • Business Owners sometimes see outsourcing to Intergage as an alternative to having a marketing department of their own or as a great way to launch a new product. 

We know that ultimately our customers want to see a profit of £2-£10 for every pound they invest. If we can keep providing that (and proving it) our customers stay happy.

Acquisitions, Specialisation and the Road to Full-Service Agency

As Intergage grew it acquired a traditional marketing business, another CMS (content management system) software business and even other digital marketing teams to become a full-service agency capable of providing a more complete service.

As the business grew it became more specialised. While we will happily entertain enquiries from any ambitious and ethical business, we solicit business from ambitious B2B sales organisations and in particular those in engineering, technology, manufacturing and professional services. Our systematic, data-driven approach is particularly appreciated by our fellow nerds in these sectors.

The Dawn of Marketing Automation

As software and digital marketing nerds we've always loved the idea of marketing automation. Marketing Automation software took a while to mature into the really useful systems that are available for SMEs today. The first and foremost of these systems for B2B businesses has always been HubSpot. Intergage first began talking to HubSpot in 2010. It was 2016 before Intergage became a Hubspot Partner. Today we have set our sights on becoming a Platinum Partner for this awesome solution.

We have also been working quietly in the background adding functionality to our own Website CMS software that will pleasantly surprise many of our website customers in the months ahead.

Download our marketing automation whitepaper here.

We are Intergagers

We are marketing nerds and we are proud. Intergage has a unique culture and a clear mission. We only employ the best people and we strive to become a place where those people can develop themselves and achieve their dreams.  

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