Intergage Culture

We are nerds and we are proud. We are proud of the work we do for our clients, we are proud of the work we do in our community with young people and we are proud of our reputation as (digital) marketing and marketing automation experts. 

Why We Exist

To be a trusted extension to each client’s marketing team - providing:

  • courageous and honest strategic council 
  • new perspectives through analysis
  • differentiation through creativity 
  • competitive advantage through digital technologies 
  • a relentless focus on measurable outputs.

What Gets Us Out of Bed

To help ethical and ambitious businesses create growth, prosperity and opportunity through marketing evolution. 

What Drives Us

To be a beautiful business; elegant by design, efficient and effective in execution and ethically exemplary. Recommended by our clients, cherished by our stakeholders and highly valued by the community we serve. 

What We Believe In

Our core values (whether working with clients or colleagues) are: 

Courageous Honesty

We think being brave enough to challenge each other respectfully is important.

Mutual transparency

We believe that working together in a spirit of openness and integrity is the only way.

Perceptive adaptability

The ability to evolve intelligently, quickly and constantly is what has kept us in business for nearly two decades and how we keep great results coming for our customers in a changing world.

We also believe in:

Effective Realisation

Understanding that ultimately, meeting objectives and delivering results is what our clients value. 

Relentless Quality

Believing our minimum standard is excellent and mediocrity is unacceptable. 

Pioneering Curiosity

Always asking “Why?” because we believe curiosity is the root of innovation and change.

Innovative Creativity

Using imagination to discover new and original ways to solve problems.

Endless Personal Development

Believing mastery means seeing our skills and knowledge not as finite, but as infinitely improvable. 

Self-aware Self Discipline

Being relied upon to manage ourselves effectively but knowing when to ask for help. 

Synergistic Collaboration

Harnessing our collective, compounded powers to deliver an even better result.

Humble Gratitude

Always remembering that our customer’s spend is discretionary.

Competitive Teamwork

Ganging up on problems not people because we believe great teamwork is the ultimate competitive advantage.