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The Changing Face of Sales & Marketing

How buyers interact with businesses has changed dramatically in the last 20 years. Gone are the days where a salesperson is required to help a buyer make an informed decision, nowadays, 80% of B2B sales/buying cycles are completed without vendor contact. Buyers are self-educating and penetrating deeper into the sales cycle, which for the rest of us means a change in how our businesses operate.

In 2016 the word we all need to learn is evolutionOver 50% of prospects are millennials with the oldest members of this group being born in 1980. They are digital natives who use mobiles and watch videos you can no longer do business like it's 1996! 

This profound change in how you operate means taking a step back and asking the question: "How does my future look?". We invite you to book onto our FREE seminar on the 26/10/16 and join us in answering this question. Read more about the speakers and the topics below.


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