HubSpot is a huge platform with huge potential. It could be your biggest asset but only if you're using it to it's fullest potential.

It can be a realy challenge to keep on top of everything in your HubSpot Portal. Whether you've inherrited a portal recently or have been working with the software for years it can be difficult to see the wood for the trees and where you can get more from the platform.

A HubSpot Portal Health Check is a comprehensive audit which looks into the setup, management and running of your portal. As a Platinum HubSpot Solutions Partner we have extensive experience improving portal ROI, enhacing automation and allowing businesses just like yours to get more from theit HubSpot investment.

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What’s included in a HubSpot Health Check?

At Intergage we have three standard Health Check levels: 

  • a routine check up
  • a health MOT
  • a full medial review.

Each of these differ depending on the size of your database, the Hubs you use and the parts of the software tou utilise most. We also have an option for a bespoke healthcheck for businesses with larger databases and a more complex use of the software.

The below should give you some idea of what is reviewed in a HubSpot Portal Health Check:

  • Your use of the HubSpot tools
  • Lead performance and opportunities
  • Marketing and sales alignment (Smarketing)
  • Lead scoring and personas
  • HubSpot account set-up
  • HubSpot campaign set-up
  • HubSpot content and SEO health check
  • Competitor analysis
  • HubSpot social set-up
  • Automation workfows and nurture campaign set-up
  • Analytics and reporting

However, every health check is informed by an initial kick off meeting meaning each is slightly different. This allows us to get under the hood of your business and understand what you want and need from HubSpot so we can make recommendations that align with your objectives.

How can a HubSpot Portal Health Check help you?

A HubSpot healthcheck is ideal for anyone who fits the following criteria:

  • You have recently inherited a HubSpot Portal
  • You are new to HubSpot and are required to manage a portal
  • You have been using HubSpot for a year or more and need help identifying new ways to get more from the software.

The aim of a HubSpot Health Check is to identify missed oportunities allowing you to get more return from your investment, improve tool usage, increase sales and marketing productivity and generally have an outside-in perspective.

Managing a HubSpot portal can be all-consuming and without the insight of someone outside of your business it can be difficult to identify new ways of using the software to help you meet your objectives.

In a nutshell, a HubSpot Health Check is the perfect way to identify more opportunities from a software that you're already paying for!

Why can't you audit your HubSpot Portal yourself?

Like any ongoing project, once you get your head into something it can be difficult to remove yourself and look at the bigger picture. Often we have found that marketing, sales and business leaders are using parts of the software brilliantly but have never thought to use other Hubs or sections of the software. Similarly, new users to HubSpot would find it difficult to perform a Healtch Check on a software they have little experience using.

As a Platinum HubSpot Solutions Partner, we have seen the good, the bad and the ugly in HubSpot Portals and know our way around the platform like the back of our hand! Leaning on the experience of a well-seasoned partner means you're guaranteed to learn something from your Health Check, allowing you to achieve lasting business results.

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