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Is Your Business Battling The Evil Empire?

Tuesday 4th June - Italian Villa


Skynet is a neural-network-based artificial intelligence system that features in the Terminator films. It's fictional. Apparently. 

Are small businesses now battling their own Skynets? Are we facing an uphill battle against the self-interested, advertising giants of the online industry?

Facebook invited us to set up business pages so we could communicate with our audiences. Then they made that difficult and presented advertising as the solution.

Google encouraged us to build websites and create great content...and then started solving search problems by scraping the data from our websites...and showing it to users without linking to our sites. Don't worry, says Google, you can advertise instead!

Social platforms such as Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube want to us to create content but don't like it linking back to our websites. Don't can always advertise with us, they say.

Meanwhile, the increasing competition for online advertising is forcing prices ever higher and making return on investment harder for small businesses to achieve than ever before. This works very well for the empires that sell advertising.

It's time to fight back. Intergage's intrepid freedom fighters will show you the brave new world. 

Weirdly, at least in some respects, it may be a lot like the past...

Back to the future? 

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Business Breakfast Events

Our breakfast events are designed for sales, marketing and business leaders in ethical and ambitious B2B businesses. We start at  08:15 for coffee (and tea), croissants and pastries and networking. We will work through to a finish at 10.30 - plenty of time to enable you to get back to the office, energised with new ideas! These events are intimate enough to ask questions comfortably (no more than 6 businesses / 10 people at a time) and we manage them to ensure competitors aren't in the same room so we can talk freely.



Discover Marketing Automation 

Marketing Automation? Seems everybody is talking about it... If you are asking yourself, "What is it for and how might it benefit my business?", come along to our office in Poole for a breakfast session and find out more...

Upcoming Dates

  • 20th June 2019
  • 11th July 2019
  • 8th August 2019

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HubSpot's FREE CRM 

Free CRM? Is it any good? What's the catch?

Many businesses are using HubSpot's free CRM because it offers some really useful features and it's free, so what's the catch?

The only catch is that having given you a free system that works, HubSpot is likely to go on to tempt you to invest in exciting upgrades.

You'll only invest in those upgrades if they make you money so come along and find out what you can do with the free software package and what your journey might look like...

Upcoming Dates

  • Wednesday 26th June 2019
  • Tuesday 16th July 2019

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Discover HubSpot's Growth Platform

What is the HubSpot Growth Platform and what can it do for my business?

Come and check out the market-leaading HubSpot software. We'll provide an overview of the HubSpot suite over coffee and croissants and answer any questions you may have.

Discover why HubSpot is the most-loved marketing software in the world and understand the business case for a single, highly-automated system for marketing, sales and service.

There are free starter packs for the Sales, Marketing and Service elements of your business and a website solution to enable your customers to self-serve wherever possible.

Upcoming Dates

  • Thursday 13th June 2019
  • Wednesday 3rd July 2019
  • Tuesday 10th September 2019

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