This is just one of the key findings from the Annual Manufacturing Report 2018.

The study goes on to say that the future of manufacturing lies in the adoption of advanced – largely digital – technologies.

These digital technologies include Industry 4.0, Smart Factories, industrial digitalisation and the need to upgrade marketing to meet the demands of the modern buyer.

When you realise that 94% of all B2B transactions are researched online prior to any decision making, is it any surprise that 40% of those researched are beginning to wonder where profits will come from if they are not adapting?

Buyers are demanding this adaptation. Modernising your marketing to meet these demands, reposition your business and out-manoeuvre your competition will enable you to win more orders and serve your customers better.

Many manufacturing and engineering businesses are moving to adopt a more 'inbound' marketing methodology that better meets the needs of their buyers and provides a strategic competitive advantage. 

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Where do you start?

How about a coffee, an hour of your time invested in the future of your business?

Intergage has been helping manufacturing and engineering businesses market themselves better since the turn of the century. We may be digital marketing nerds but we are still old fashioned enough to believe in meeting face-to-face too. 

Why not meet one of our directors online or face-to-face and let’s see if we can work together to combine your industry expertise and acumen with our digital marketing knowledge and technology to create more growth for your business?

Alternatively use the chat window or complete a form. Or you could phone us, 01202 684009.



What will happen after that?

If there is a meeting of minds, and you are determined to meet your business growth goals (but are unsure how to achieve that), we usually suggest an audit as the next step.

An audit will look at your current marketing position and how well you are doing against your competition. We have a host of tools that can undress your competition, laying bare their marketing techniques - enabling us to grade you against them.

We will look in detail at your digital footprint and that of your sector to provide insight to develop a series of recommendations that we can turn into a strategy for growth.

Then what?

Should our audit and strategy recommendations prove there is potential to meet your growth goals – and you have a burning desire, budget and mindset - we will turn this strategy into a marketing plan.

We will focus on lead generation, customer acquisition and customer retention. Working with you and your team collaboratively, we will set about delivering this plan and hitting your targets.

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