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Vamousse is a unique head lice product which kills lice and eggs within 15 minutes of contact with no need to re-treat. Vamousse’s unique technology dissolves the lice’s protective exoskeleton and the lice and eggs die through dehydration. This means their death is very quick.

Ceuta Healthcare was looking to launch Vamousse into the UK market and wanted to promote their two products - the Vamousse mousse application, which kills head lice and their eggs, and the protective shampoo, which protects the family from reinfestations.

Working with a number of agencies to launch the product, Ceuta Healthcare was looking for a different direction to the ‘tried and tested’ imagery of smiling children and developed the concept of ‘High Noon for Head Lice’, presenting the ‘Mum’ character as the heroine in ridding her family of head lice.

Ceuta Healthcare came to Intergage looking to create a range of trade materials and consumer Point-of-Sale (POS) and a new website as part of its UK launch.

Intergage’s remit was to work with the client and associated creative and PR agencies to create a consistent brand style and messaging across all of the collateral material and website.

Vamousse Lice LineUp

The Intergage Solution

Using the consumer research and our knowledge of independent pharmacies, we created a range of point-of-sale and education materials aimed at these two audiences.

Using the imagery from the commercial, photo stills and cartoon lice characters, we created education materials and giveaways for the trade, consumer education leaflets for mums, which clearly showed the unique benefits of the product as well as its method of use. To support the launch, we also created dispensers, shelf trays, giveaways, posters and sourced plastic trays for use in-store.

The website was designed and built in tandem with the point-of-sale to inform and engage the end user, health care professionals and schools - the primary audiences.

The responsive website was designed to show the brand character, clearly incorporating the animated cartoon head lice and commercial stills whilst providing the technical and treatment information for the product.

The website also provided a launch platform for displaying the commercial and for visitors to download the game that children could play whilst having their hair treated with the mousse.


In March 2015, Intergage were fortunate to receive two national awards for involvement in this project and recognition of the unique approach that had been taken.

These awards were for:

OTC (Over the Counter Awards) ­Best OTC Marketing Campaign on a Small Budget

SMART Awards ­Best Marketing on a Small Budget

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