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TestLink has established a considerable presence in the ATM industry with its complete range of services designed to reduce costs, increase efficiencies and generally improve the profitability of its clients.

Throughout the course of an extensive relationship with TestLink, Intergage has provided a wealth of support.



TestLink wanted to become an established authority within their industry whilst maximising their marketing efforts. 



The Solution

To help TestLink become an established authority in their field, Intergage worked collaborativerly with TestLink’s experts to discover pertinent topics for the creation of blogs, news articles and whitepapers, which were used in the website content marketing efficact and exend the reach of their social media channels.

To maximise the success of TestLinks marketing, additional services were employed such as Paid Per Click and email marketing campaigns. The Digital Marketing team at Intergage continuously improved effectiveness of PPC landing pages and site performance o drive conversion rates.

By utilising Intergage’s B2B marketing services, TestLink saw a 166% increase in conversions from January 2016 – August 2016.

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