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Chichester-based company, Solent Scales, provides a full range of services for industrial weighing equipment including supply, hire and professional calibration.



The Challenge

Solent Scales wanted to increase their online presence and increase the amount of leads generated through the Solent Scales website.

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The Solution

Intergage introduced Solent Scales to the Marketing on Demand (MOD) service. This was started by overhauling Solent Scales’ Google Analytcs ensuring all goals were tracking correctly and applying the relevant filters.

Intergage gave all Solent Scale’s social media a new lease of life, with high resolution logos and updated information.

The next step was to produce a consistent stream of high quality content over the coming months surrounding the weighing industry to boost search visibility and drive traffic from social media. The results were quick with rapid improvements in both organic and social traffic as well as increases in monthly conversions as high as 260%.

As the relationship progressed, we added PPC Management and email marketing into their service which the AdWords account was rebuilt to achieve a 127% incease in click through rates and most importantly a 33.33% increase in paid search-attributed conversions.

“Solent Scales has been using the Intergage Marketing on Demand service for the past six months and it has been pivotal in the development of our companies marketing strategies and has helped considerably in raising our market profile. This in turn has led to consistent lead generation and conversions to order generating further growth and employment within the company structure.

The hard work and dedication that we receive from our account manager, Cat Gold and from our Digital Marketing Executives Joseph Williams and Adam Looker means that all our requirements are met with the highest levels of skill, competency & service. They always deliver on-time which makes Intergage second to none when it comes to competition.”

Paul Moody - Solent Scales

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