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SEALPAC is a German manufacturer of high quality food processing and packaging equipment. It sells product throughout the world via distributors. This German company is an impressive organisation and operates from world class offices in Oldenburg, Northern Germany.

SEALPAC UK is the UK distributor of SEALPAC products. SEALPAC UK does more than simply re-sell German equipment in the UK; it also re-sells other manufacturers’ equipment where that equipment is both high quality and complimentary and undertakes servicing & repair.


The Challenge

SEALPAC needed to position themselves as a proader provider of solutions rather than a ‘the German Manufacturer’. They also wanted to address issues in the marketplace that it is fixated on Shelf Life, waste reduction, ease of packaging and improving food quality and productivity.

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The Solution

Intergage embarked on helping SEALPAC through a full range of B2B Marketing services that we offer. Starting at Strategy and Audit finding meetings, Intergage set creating a set of Brand Guidelines for Sealpac to use throughout their business and all marketing and communications. This included key messaging and tone of voice documents. Once this was in place, Intergage started creating a fully responsive website which allowed segmentation of not just their product solutions but helping SEALPAC become thought leaders.

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