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Content is King. If you haven't heard this yet, you really need to catch up. Engaging your audience with relevant, useful content is what generates digital success  – whether it is through your website, your own social platforms or content that appears on platforms you don't own or control.

What matters is creating outstanding content for very specific types of buyer and placing that content where they want it, when they want it. 

Yes, creating great content will be a pain in the backside. Of course it will. It requires expertise, talent, discipline and commitment. We find that a great way to make that easier for you is to encourage you to part with some money. It sharpens the focus.

Part with some money. Give it to us. Our job is to turn every pound you spend with us into multiple pounds in profit over time. If we prove that works, keep doing it. If it doesn't, don't. Read on if you like the idea of multiplying your pounds.

To make any sort of impact in your industry and to influence your audience, you need to be killing it with a great strategy and oodles of quality content.

This does not happen by magic. To start with, it's a proper pain in the backside - even if we are doing it for you - because it will require your time and focus. After a while, it gets to be awesome so step this way if you are genuinely up for it.

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Our nerds use the latest tools to analyse your website, your online competition, your search and social media landscapes - uncovering what's good and bad about your web presence and how to beat your rivals.

Before we start the audit, we sit down with you to undertake a fact find to ensure your audit is tailored to your business goals and concerns. 

Once completed, we will present the outcomes in a face-to-face meeting with you. Your audit will have a list of actionable recommendations to help you improve your website. 

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Paid search is the way to guarantee a presence on the first page of search results for the search terms that are relevant to your business, particularly in highly competitive markets.

That's a fact.

Online advertising is becoming hugely sophisticated. If you know who you are targeting, you have a great message and you are a powerful advertising ninja nerd, then you can put the right message in front of the right people at the right time. No question.

Shall we start?

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Marketing on Demand (MOD)

Our MOD's meet a specific need which many businesses face. The frazzled, overworked marketing team are under resourced and flying blind, desperately clinging on to marketing tactics that are decades old.

You need rejuvenating but are unsure where to start and with what budget?! 

These guys are pure implementors, they work as an extension of your business, getting to know you, your products and services, ready to tell the world about you.

From content creation to graphic design and social management, these guys work flexibly to get shit done. 

Content Marketing Social Media

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Ranking organically for how your prospects search for you has never been more important. Let us help.

Let’s get one thing straight ­ - SEO matters. If your website isn’t ranking for questions and queries your prospects might ask then you’re missing out on a huge chunk of revenue and you need to do something about it.

This is where Intergage comes in. From our lovely offices in Poole, we are recognised nationwide as an SEO Agency that delivers results. Intergage specialises in all things Search to keep your website in tune with Google’s algorithm updates.

Let’s take a look at what is on offer.

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