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Web Design & Build

If you think website projects are easy, you probably haven't been involved in one recently. An average project takes somewhere between 200-500 emails, meetings and calls...and 12-16 weeks between kick-off meeting and sign-off.

If you think websites are simple, maybe you aren't thinking deeply enough about the vital role they play in your buyers' journey of discovery.

Honestly, what are the chances that a potential customer discovers your company and does business with you without visiting your website at some point in their buying process? 

Thought so. 

We get that. Your credibility is on the line. Your sales could be on the line. The difference between doing an average job and a great job may represent tens or even hundreds of thousands of pounds worth of lost opportunities a year. 

Read on if you'd like the job done properly. 

Bespoke Web Development

Bespoke or template website? Bespoke site design involves a longer, more strategic process than template-based solutions. There's a reason for this. 

If you want to design very specific user journeys you'll want a bespoke design.

If your website is critical to your marketing and you want the best possible solution – because that investment will pay for itself – talk to us. Although we're nerdy, we are results focused. We build beautiful and effective sites with clear objectives in mind. And we won't baffle you with bulls&*t.

Open-Source Web Development

Open source. You love it or you hate it. Some say it is low cost, leaves you vendor agnostic and that the abundance of third party add-ons is exciting; others say that the potential for security problems and compatibility issues keeps them awake at night.

Whichever church you belong to, we'll make sure you go into this with your eyes open because we know many people specify open source solutions.

What matters to us is that you're happy with your new site so, whatever platform floats your boat, call us. 

The Intergage CMS

Intergage's website content management system (or CMS) is rich in features, constantly evolving, trusted and secure.

Most of our customers choose our CMS over open source alternatives because it's a single system from a single vendor they can trust. They can hold us completely accountable. We take 100% responsibility. No excuses. We wrote it, it runs on our servers and we are responsible. No issues with incompatible add-ons, upgrades that break or excuses about third party software. If you've experienced this, you will know exactly what we mean...   

Bespoke Software Development

We have written many fully integrated bespoke modules for our clients over the years – usually so the customer can serve themselves more effectively, reducing the need for internal resources.

Complex quotation systems, back-end integration, specific order processing or stock control issues to address? We may well be able to solve the problem cost effectively. And if we can't, we'll tell you.

This is simple. It's about improving efficiency and being cost-effective in the process. 

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