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+1 Content Directly From Your Browser

Personal preference to which internet browser you choose to use to access the internet at home or work is sometimes quite selective and a little emotive at times. The three main players in the UK are Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

Market share shows that Google Chrome has recently overtaken Mozilla Firefox to claim second place, with a UK market share of 22.1%. Rapid adoption and gaining a great influential fan base for the ‘new kid on the block’ in the browser battleground. You can read the full article by Stan Schroeder on the Mashable website, first published in August 2011 here http://mashable.com/2011/08/01/chrome-uk-second-browser/

Since the launch of Google+ and the key feature of publically recommending web content via the Google+1 button on a web page or directly from search results (see my previous Google blogs here and here). You can now +1 content directly from your Google Chrome browser!

Encouraging the user to publically share and endorse any web content they find, without the reliance on the website owner of having added the +1 share button to their website or on individual pages.

This function is incredibly easy to set up and to use. It also contains a +1 count directly in your browser bar.


If you use Google Chrome just visit the Chrome web-store and search “Google +1 button” in the Social & Communication category.

+1’s are having an impact and effect on search engine rankings. Digital marketing agency Intergage can help you to find out more and ensure your website is benefitting fully from this functionality. Give us a call today on 0845 456 1022 and ask us about our Google+ Training course.

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