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WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org: Which To Choose?

Most successful marketeers know that content is like gold dust to the search engines but it is often tricky to add new pages to a corporate Website on an ongoing basis without compromising site navigation and general look and feel.

So how can a blog help? Well, a blog is a fantastic way to feed search engines the content that they crave without potentially sacrificing the structure of your main Website or ending up with a mass of hidden pages.

WordPress is generally considered as the blogging platform of choice and bloggers are faced with two options – wordpress.com or wordpress.org. So which is best? Well, for the serious blogger it has to be wordpress.org for many reasons. For technically minded folk, wordpress.org offers you complete control to change code, the ability to use a huge number of invaluable plug ins as well as the freedom to upload custom themes. In order to use wordpress.org, bloggers are responsible for finding their own Web host which is actually a huge benefit seen as fast hosting is an important element of SEO.

WordPress.com is really more suited to those who are new to blogging and may just want to “dip their toe” in. This is not to say that it doesn’t boast a number of advantages – firstly, no hosting is required with wordpress.com as your blog will be hosted on the WordPress servers. It is free and incredibly simple to set up – perfect for those marketeers who are not Web savvy or are short of time. At a premium, it is even possible to host a wordpress.com blog on a keyword rich domain and should it be required, domain mapping is an available upgrade at $13 a year per domain.

Should you find yourself in the position of starting out with a wordpress.com blog but wishing to convert it to a wordpress.org platform – this is entirely possible and instructions on how to achieve this are helpfully laid out on the WordPress Website as well as details of their guided transfer service which does the work for you for a one off charge of $129.00!

If you would like to know more about blogging or any other area of Web marketing then please get in touch with our expert team at Digital marketing agency Intergage on 0845 456 1022.

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