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Why Your Website Is Like Buying And Running A Car

Buying a new car does have some tenuous links to your website.

1.    You decided on what car manufacturer you want, need or could afford; – same as choosing your digital marketing agency.

2.    You pick the colour and model with the features you want; – same as agreeing a website design template and functionality.

3.    You agree a price, service agreement, warranty and pick up date; – same as your ‘go-live’ date and technical support agreement.

You then drive your car happily each day, giving it the odd clean. You check the dashboard for any warning lights that require your attention, occasionally opening the bonnet to top up the screen wash and keeping an eye on your tyres for any wear.

speedometer-34134 640jun11One day your car may well bleep a warning, or a light will flash on the dashboard, or you may even receive a courtesy call from your garage to remind you that your car is due a service. Whichever way we are alerted to this need, we generally comply and book our car in for a routine service, happy in the knowled ge that it is a good thing for many reasons:

  • Residual value of the car is improved with a full service history.
  • A serviced car is a well maintained car and will work better and for longer.
  • Concerns and potential issues are identified before they become problems or breakdowns.

So after spending a great deal of time and money on launching your exciting new website, why would you not apply the same logic and process as you would when servicing your car?

Websites should be reviewed (serviced) at least every 6 months by an expert.

  • Let them look under the bonnet of your website and find how your search engine rankings are working for you.
  • What elements of your website could be ‘tuned’ to get better results?
  • What new developments could be ‘filtered’ into your website?

A website review is essential in ensuring your website performs efficiently, effectively and to its highest performance possible. This can only be achieved by regular servicing in the form of website reviews.

Plus the most brilliant aspect of my comparisons I have left for last!

A car service could be a significant spend every 10,000 miles or so. Here at Intergage we provide website reviews every 6 months to our customers free of charge, taking just 60 minutes of your time.

Now that is service to make you smile!

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