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Why You Should Be Wary of Google Chrome Plugins

First of all let me start by saying this is not an anti-Chrome blog. Chrome is by far the best browser because it is the fastest, most intuitive and innovative browser available.

However because it encourages innovation, in part due to it’s open-source access for developers to create extensions and plugins, it can be exploited.

The Google Chrome Web Store is a great source of such extensions and apps, but do beware as some plugins can leave your browser open to criminals with malicious intentions.

One such plugin, which antivirus software firm Bitdefender has recently slammed, claims to be a simple tool to change the colour of your Facebook page.

In reality however it stores data from your browser, setting up multiple blogs using your Gmail address and posts on your behalf onto your Facebook profile.

The con involves posting ads in these blogs linking to a “work from home” scam. By setting up unique blogs from the user’s personal Gmail the scam avoids detection.

This is yet another scam that warns us against not protecting your personal data. Be sure to check what level of access apps, plugins and extensions require from you before you install them.

Likewise, from a business perspective, be sure to outline your company’s stance on social media use in the workplace, to avoid valuable data being gleaned from the platforms.

For assistance in writing a social media policy, or social media in general speak to one of our web marketingteam today – contact us on 0845 456 1022.

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