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Why Remarketing Could Transform Your Small Business

At digital marketing agency Intergage, we specialise in helping small businesses make the most of their marketing spend. For many clients, Pay Per Click advertising is an essential part of their digital strategy due to the fact that ROI can be carefully measured and search engine presence can be guaranteed, allowing advertisers to avoid lengthy search engine optimisation strategies.

One of the most exciting tools currently within Google Adwords is the remarketing feature – for those of you who haven’t tried this yet – prepare to be astounded! Imagine this, you have spent several hours looking at digital cameras but are in two minds about whether to purchase one. Undecided, you eventually leave the site you were on and visit several other sites around the Web.  But what do you happen to see on each one but an advert for the exact camera that you had almost put into your shopping basket previously. It appears to be following you around the Web on your travels!

This is the beauty of Remarketing. You visited a website and Google planted a remarketing cookie on your computer. Consequently, whenever you visit a page in the Adsense network Google checks for cookies and decides to deliver you adverts based on the sites that you have already shown interest in!

So how do you implement a remarketing campaign of your own? Well, it’s really very simple.

Firstly you need to create a Google Adwords campaign that is targetted to the display network. You then need to add a piece of code (remarketing tag) to the pages of your site which correspond to the particular categories that you wish to promote. For example, adding the tag “digital camera” onto all of the pages within your site where you sell digital cameras will allow you to show relevant digital camera adverts to everyone who visits those pages and then moves on to other sites within the Adsense network.

Would you like to know more? Just give the search marketing team at Intergage a call today on 0845 456 1022 and we will be delighted to help you with remarketing and any other area of Web marketing.

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