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Why Project and Time Management Come Hand in Hand

Time is of the essence. None of us have the power to lengthen the day but we can at least structure our own, increasing productivity in the process.

Project management and time management come hand in hand. Few can master the former without establishing a set routine, wherein planning underpins everything.

Organisation brings its own rewards. It ensures that busy schedule of yours never overwhelms but rather subsides as you control matters on your own terms and at your own pace.

A well managed diary will facilitate better work. Stress levels will dissipate and allow you to perform to your maximum. Decisions will too be made with far greater clarity and perspective, a must when charged with overseeing a web build.

Handshake-June-25Approaches differ according to the individual. I have branched into Project Management only in the past six months and found the following techniques most helpful.


A simplistic starting point. I begin each day by listing those tasks I’d like to accomplish before 5pm (or 5.30 in our case). Moreover I will rank them in order of priority. Those deemed urgent command greater attention but it is always worth tackling the smaller jobs also. To procrastinate is to delay. Eventually these mere after thoughts will crop-up and become unavoidable. Put them to bed early.

In jotting down a job you are also throwing down a gauntlet. If it is there in writing it becomes far harder to turn a blind eye.

Gantt Chart

By mapping out a project’s likely course you can schedule work right from the outset. Designs, frameworks, go live checks et al can be pencilled in from a kick off meeting onwards, maybe even before.

Gantt Charts, compiled on excel, allow you to stay ahead of the game. Providing everyone meets deadlines imposed by yourself work will flow as expected. Should it not the creation and adherence to this Gantt chart should mean you have at least kept your end of the bargain.

diary 25thDiary

It is paramount to not only keep a dairy but to review and maintain it also. Here at Intergage everyone is given an electronic calendar. I tend to highlight noticeable patterns or discrepancies in mine – times where I am less productive for whatever reason. If I can attribute this to a particular event or habit I will know to avoid it – or at least build in some contingency.

Providing said calendars are accessible to all you are also able to keep abreast of others progress. It is well worth reviewing teammate’s workload and noting their capacity. Not only does this give you complete visibility but scope to bring work forward.

Be Selective

On occasion it is perfectly acceptable to say no. Nobody likes to disappoint but agreeing to every request (whether internal or external) is likely to throw you off course.

Anticipate distractions but never allow them to impinge on the task in hand. You cannot please all of the people all of the time so be selective in the jobs you take on.

Email 25thEmails

We are all guilty of allowing our inbox to swell on occasion. Directors, Sales People and Project Managers can be bombarded with emails and filing them all can prove painstaking.

That said, assorting your messages is essential. Amidst those emails are likely curveballs, updates to a project that demand attention and cannot be put on the backburner.

I make a point of clearing my inbox daily. It is worth setting aside 30 minutes to an hour simply to sift through your communications and ensure everything is filed and nothing lost.

Project Managers have a duty to keep their house in order, a responsibility not only to clients but colleagues. Both are dependent on you keeping atop of matters, guiding the project from inception through to go live.

Your work may not involve the creativity and imagination of design and build but it underpins those very processes. Rest assured yours is a key cog in marketing machine, keep it turning.

Need some help on a marketing project? The experts at Intergage are always happy to help and can be reached by calling 01202 684 009 or by contacting us online.

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