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Why Aren't You Writing More Blogs? Here Are 3 Tips To Get You Going!

An integral part of many content marketing strategies, blogs are a sure-fire way to create engaging and long lasting content, which you can use to draw visitors onto your site time and time again.

Typically around 300 – 600 words, blogs are an informal, hassle-free way of talking to people online about a topic they’re interested in. But I bet you don’t do enough blogging for your business do you?

There are two primary reasons people shy away from blogging; they don’t know what to talk about and they don’t have the time. Well, I’m here to tell you that both of those are useless excuses!

Unless you’re brand new to your business or industry, you have a wealth of knowledge locked up in your brain which you could share. And as for the time? 300 words is around half an A4 page – I’m 143 words into this blog already!

Here are my top 3 tips for getting on the blog writing bandwagon – trust me, you can do it!

why aernt you blogging 7thCreate a List of Every Question you’ve Ever Been Asked (to do with your business of course!)

I bet you’ve been asked hundreds of questions at work which you know the answer to easily. Those questions could be a great starting point for a blog!

While you’re at it, write down any other blog titles you think your customers might be enticed by. This might work for you, it might not. Some people can think of a title and the blog will come to them, and sometimes it works visa-versa! See what works for you.

Give Your Blog A Direction

Before you start writing, it’s a good idea to give your blog a theme. This will help stop you from waffling, and keep you focused on the topic in mind. You can choose from;

The Question blog (ask a question, provoke response)

The Tutorial blog (how-to)

The Relative blog (relate your industry to something happening in the news)

The List blog (5 ways to etc…)

The Review blog (review a product/software update etc)

The Opinion blog (put forward different opinion on something within your industry)

Find Facts, Stats and Figures

Gather all resources and information you need. This can include quotes, statistics and other articles. Facts, figures and stats really help a blog get shared so find something to support your topic and message.

Sometimes finding these stats first can help shape your blog, so if you’re struggling for topic ideas, have a look through some of your industry news to give you inspiration!

Got a question, or think you could benefit from some help from our Digital Marketing Team? Give us a call on 0845 456 1022 or contact us online.

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