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Traffic Acquisition Versus Conversion: Are You Tipping The Balance?

Having worked at digital marketing agency Intergage for almost six years and attended countless client seminars and training sessions, I can honestly say that the questions most frequently asked have  always been centred around traffic acquisition rather than conversion.

I’m always pleased to see how passionate our clients are about their search engine optimisation and the sheer delight they experience when a particular keyword triggers a page one, position one listing on Google but this is really just one half of the picture.

If one of your favourite pastimes on Google analytics is to closely monitor your visitor levels without drilling deeper into user engagement and most importantly, conversion – then its time to make some changes to your Web marketing now. After all, surely it’s what your visitor does once they get to your site that is important? Attracting them to the correct page is just the beginning of the story – if that visitor is bouncing from that page after only 5 seconds,  your work needs to be focused on visitor retention rather than ongoing traffic acquisition.

So what metrics should you be analysing to understand how your visitor is engaging with your site? Bounce rate and average time on site are very important – be sure to identify the top landing pages in your site and drill down into their individual stats rather than just the headline statistics of the Website. Should you identify that a key page has a particularly high bounce or exit rate then its time to make some changes.

Ensure that pages always feature a clear call to action. Perhaps you would like people to contact you directly from a specific page – if so, make sure you have a clear “Contact Us Now” call to action button positioned in a prominent position.  It’s very important that you have a clear idea of the path you wish visitors to take through your site  – if you want them to visit Page A and then Page B – its crucial that Page A features a clear, obvious link to take  them straight through to the next step of their site journey. Why not set up a funnel in Google analytics to track this journey and understand what percentage of site traffic is undertaking your desired path through the site and what percentage is  wandering “off piste” to lesser important pages.

By analysing this funnel, you could well identify pages that you never thought were important to the conversion process but are actually driving a large number of visits through to your check out or contact us page.

Conversion is an extremely important part of Web marketing – give our Web marketing team a call on 0845 456 1022 to discuss  how the conversion of your site could be improved.

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