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Top Tips for Encouraging Team Engagement

Perusing the array of Christmas adverts hitting our screens this November, I stumbled across an interesting article in Marketing Magazine. This article let us know that Morrisons was soon to be unveiling its new celebrity-free Christmas campaign, championing its own staff with a view to "capitalising on the warmth customers feel for the brand".

Morrisons isn't the first brand to put forward its own staff as brand ambassadors. We're all familiar with Howard Brown, the Halifax man who shot to fame in 2000, becoming a household name and ringleader for many an annoying TV commercial. Supermarket chains such as Asda and The Co-operative regularly feature 'real people' in their adverts.

This understanding of the importance of giving consumers a true representation of what a brand stands for is a hugely strategic and important move. Not only does it give consumers the chance to connect with a real person and be inspired by real role models, it's actually beneficial to company morale and productivity.

Giving staff a sense of purpose and a belief that the work they do makes a difference is key to helping them form a lasting connection and loyalty to the business.

Now is a great opportunity to turn your attention towards your staff and boosting team engagement. Below are a few key points you will need to consider in order to ensure your engagement efforts are hitting the mark.

Top Tips

Establish Your Brand Purpose

Your purpose is your reason for existing. It's the foundation of your business and needs to be authentic. If you're struggling to pin this down, a good recommendation would be to open the question to staff, customers and affinity partners. It's quite likely what you feel are your best attributes differ from what your clients may think, so before you pin it down permanently, do the research.

Be Inclusive

Simply telling your staff what they stand for won't go down as well as actually getting their feedback on what matters. Through hosting steering groups and team surveys you can gather feedback from all staff in a way that ensures honesty through anonymity.

Get Buy-in

Staff can't be expected to sell or champion a brand effectively if they don't believe in it. This goes for directors, managers, all the way to the warehouse workers and sales team. You will need to ensure every individual and department is on the same page and aware of the end goal if you want a cohesive vision.

Live Your Brand

One of Lego's brand values is 'fun' and if you were to ask any of its staff, its HQ offers an environment that lends to just that. If you're in the business of delighting customers then your work environment should be one that breeds that sense of delight also. Encourage your staff to behave in a way that is complementary to your brand through practising what you preach.

Incentivise Your Staff

In the words of Richard Branson - "Train people well enough so they can leave, treat them well enough so they don't want to." Your staff are your best brand ambassadors, so showing an interest in them personally as well as professionally is a great way of ensuring they remain interested and loyal to your brand.

Incentive Ideas

  • Include staff in decision making
  • Feature staff in advertisements
  • Have an employee of the month
  • Reward good work with vouchers
  • Support their career goals
  • Educate and mentor them
  • Office perks: showers, childcare facilities, chill-out zones etc.

Further Information

If you would like to learn more about team engagement, please get in touch with one of our strategic marketers on 01202 684 009 or drop me an on and I'd be happy to brainstorm ideas.

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