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Top Ten Ways To Use Your Sales Video Online

Investing in video is a big step for many companies. But it is a step that more and more decide to make as the Web evolves to provide marketeers with ever more exciting ways to use and distribute video content online.

Creating a sales video is usually a GREAT idea! Web video production enables you to capture a perfect presentation or demonstration and enhance it with graphics, bullets and testimonials, to communicate more in just a few minutes than you often could in ten times on the telephone or by direct mail.

It is also a great way to transmit personality, by letting people see you virtually means that people may actually like you before they meet you!

So, assuming you do invest in an on-line video presentation, naturally you would upload it to your website but how else can you make the most of your valuable new asset on-line?

Here are my top 10 tips for using video better on-line:

1.    Whatever you do, remember your keywords when you tag, describe and name video files for use on the Web. If you want to get found by the right audience you need to use the right keywords. Right now, some people are saying it’s 50 times easier to get to page 1 of Google with a video than with a web page.

2.    End every video with a call to action. Almost all video sharing sites provide an opportunity for a viewer to share the video, bookmark it or e-mail the link to a friend. If your parting shot is to invite them to call, subscribe, visit or share with Facebook friends, they are far more likely to do so.

3.    Use a Google sitemap. Google and other search engines cannot interpret video. Intergage is creating a new “Video Manager” module for its CMS that will feature a Google video site map.

4.    The most obvious items on the list would be to use video-sharing sites, including YouTube and Vimeo. When you post to these sites, look for similar videos that are very popular and model their descriptions and tags. This will increase your chances of being listed as a “Related video” to the most popular videos on your subject that your audience is watching.

5.   Create a Facebook page; consider creating a custom tag and featuring a video on this. You can change the order of the tags/pages within your Facebook site (Page) so visitors see this page first.

6.    Use TwitVid to share your videos with your followers on Twitter. Try to get key influencers in your sector retweet your video to increase the amount of views that your video can get.

7.    Update your personal LinkedIn profile.Create a Slideshare presentation using Google docs, embed a YouTube video and upload. Now anybody viewing your LinkedIn profile will be in no doubt about how you can help them.

8.    Update your company LinkedIn profile. New features on the company profile feature in LinkedIn mean you can create videos about specific products or services you provide.

9.    Explore video distribution sites like Tubemogul to auto upload once and distribute across multiple video sites. It even provides aggregated reporting and analytics.

10.    Video Advertising opportunities exist in LinkedIn and Google’s AdWords system amongst others. If your advert needs to interrupt a Web page user, make it a moving video. It will attract more attention if it moves!

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