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Top 3 Favourite Features On Our CMS

The Intergage content management system (CMS) has such a large number of features, so we thought it would be handy to have a small list of some of the best ones. So what I’ve done is I have chosen my 3 favourite features of the CMS, and here they are…


Feature 1 – Custom page templates

In my opinion, a content management system must give the user the ability to add custom templates. The majority of content management systems I’ve seen only have a pre-defined set of page templates that allow very little customisation, resulting in the websites created with those all looking very similar.

The Intergage CMS is different as it allows the user to create their own custom page templates, giving every website created with it a very different look and feel. Having the ability to make your website look unique is important, because if it looks the same as hundreds, or maybe even thousands, of others, then it is likely to have a negative effect on your business’s appearance.

Feature 2 – Page item management

The Intergage content management system’s page item management is another great feature. It is done in a simple and effective way that allows new users to instantly start adding, moving and editing page items. You are able to add a variety of different page items by simply clicking on the “Add Page Item” button then selecting a page item. Once on the page, you can then edit, copy, move and delete a page item by using the buttons above the page preview. When managing page items, everything is exactly where you expect it to be.

Feature 3 – Login system

The Intergage content management system provides users with the ability to add a login system to their website with very little effort. Usually, creating a good login system would take a significant amount of time, yet the CMS has one already set up for you, you just need to add and configure a few things and it’s all done. Being able to login to a website is (almost always) required for any E-Commerce website or any website that wants to restrict access to areas of the website to certain users, so it’s very useful being able to add a login system so quickly.

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