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Three Features of the Intergage CMS You May Not Know About

The Intergage CMS is a fantastic piece of software and something that our Development Team are constantly updating. In my role as Client Services Executive, I know the CMS inside-out and I help our clients use it efficiently every day.

Here’s a few features you may not know about, that could make your life easier and your website more usable and interactive.

1) Page Item Library

The Page Item Library allows you to save content items and transfer them to other pages on your website without having to create them again from scratch. Once a content item is in the Library, it will stay there for future use. I love this feature because it makes it quicker and easier to create content that spans multiple pages.

1st blog library image

2) Tabbed Page Item

The Tabbed Page Item allows you to divide the content on a page to easily navigate the sections that follow the colour scheme of your website.

If you have a page on your website with a lot of copy, requiring your users to scroll down a lot, then this is a great way to display your content.

To add a Tabbed Page Item you’ll need to add a new page item, name your tabs and then simply insert your content. This page item is particularly good if you want to categorise certain sections of your content so it’s easier to view.

1st Blog TabbedItem

3) Vote Item

A feature that’s always been in the CMS and has recently been updated, is the Vote Item. It’s an easy way to create a quick poll for the visitors on your website, that allows them to see the results straightaway.


1st Blog Vote Image

This can easily be inserted using the Add Page Item icon – all you need to have is a question and two or more answers in which people can vote on. Since it’s a recent update it can also be uniquely styled by our design team.

These are just a few of the many useful features the CMS has to offer. If you’re adding or editing your pages and need some assistance then either myself or our Client Services Support Executive, Lee Goddard are just a phone call away – 0845 456 1022.

If you’d like to know more about the Intergage CMS, our websites or any of our marketing services, contact us online or using the number above.

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