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The True Value of Online Advertising

Defining your return on investment from most advertising mediums is often a bit of a guessing game. But one of the best parts of advertising on a platform like Google AdWords or via a social network, is everything you’re doing is extremely measurable.

You can’t get much closer to defining your ROI than being able to see how much you have invested vs how many conversions/sales you’ve directly received in real time. That’s an attractive prospect for any marketer.

multiple 16thHowever, because it’s so easy to measure direct conversions, we often forget the other benefits of simply generating the right traffic to your website.

The buying cycle for every industry, market and individual customer is completely different. It’s wishful to expect a user to convert the first time they’ve visited your site or even the first time they’ve interacted with your brand.

Most marketers are aware that it takes multiple brand interactions across a variety of  platforms before an individual actually makes a purchase. But we all too often get ‘conversion blindness’.

Graph 7thSo don’t view online advertising as a failure if you don’t see floods of conversions, remember that just like any branding campaign, it’s important to get your name out there in the right space, in front of the right people on a consistent basis. The long term benefits to brand awareness may inspire many more conversions than your advertising data suggests.

If your ads are showing to the right people, encompass the right search terms and send the individual to a user-friendly website which promotes your brand well, the ads still serve a very important purpose.

So the true value of your online advertising isn’t always whatever your respective platform shows you in conversions. It’s also about introducing yourself to new customers or reinforcing your presence to those who know you already and telling both how great your business is. I think that’s what they call marketing right?

If you’re interested in how Online Marketing can help bring traffic to your website, please call us on 01202 684 009 or contact us online.

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