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The Seven Steps To Engaging Customers - Step One

Over the next week, we will be putting up a series of seven blogs covering The 7 Steps to Achieving Real, Engaging Relationships with your Customers.

Experts say we are now entering The Relationship Era; This is all about how you can achieve increased average spend and visits from your existing customers, encouraging referrals and achieving the ultimate: Brand Loyalty.

Truly engaging with your customers involves a combination of relationship marketing and building an emotional connection: Word of mouth, regular customers and being seen as the expert are all core to this.

This blog will explore Step 1 of this process:

STEP 1:  Profile and Understand Your Customers

Getting a deep understanding of your audience is vital – you can’t build a relationship with someone you don’t know.

The key to success is research: The more reliable intelligence you have, the easier it is to segment and profile your audience. We recommend a blend of primary and secondary research methods to give you a clear picture:

Primary research methods include:

blog-1-image-2-300x188Secondary research methods include:


Once you have this information it is worth profiling the customers through:

  • Pen portraits: Drawing up a personality and description of your customers
  • Demographics and geographics: Breaking them down by their location, status, social standing, job title, etc.
  • Decision makers:  When targeting businesses, which job role or title do you really need to speak to? Are there multiple contacts within one company?
  • Company size and genre
  • Type of purchase and decision making: This is essentially about Behavioural Targeting, the marketer’s perfect storm: Contacting the right person, at the right time. Through the right marketing channel.

The biggest question to ask yourself of your business at this point is: How are you capturing and analysing your customer’s information?

Look out for our Step 2 blog coming soon: Brand Match with your Audience

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