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The Importance Of Logos

We all start our lives with a name, identity and character. These three things shape us and enable us to survive and communicate with one another.

The business world is no different and it is equally important for companies to establish their own identity and character. It helps define them.

The world of marketing can be an extremely harsh one. Businesses rise or fall with no obvious middle ground to speak of.

As a result companies require strong foundations and you will tend to find the most successful businesses are the ones with strong and successful branding.

One of the most important elements to consider when it comes to branding is the logo you use to advertise your organisation as this has to represent both your values and your ethics.

You should therefore sit down and write down the types of words and feelings you wish individuals to associate with your brand.

BlogImage-300x218Once a clear path is established and you are certain about what you wish your brand to portray, you can begin to create concepts for your logo.

The perfect logo must convey the message of the organisation and evoke emotion whilst also being, smart, elegant, simple and timeless.

Your logo must stand out as it can help to differentiate your products and services from your competitors, whilst also conveying trustworthiness and reliability.

When the basic structure of your logo is in place you should then consider populating it with colour. Once again, this decision must represent the company-so choose wisely.

Colour is a very strong element of your logo and it is important to remember that colours can provoke feeling, associate with meaning and also have different connotations across cultures.

Intergage LinkedInBannerV2-1024x240

Therefore you should really take the time to consider every element of your logo properly so that it is understood by your audience in the way that you are aiming for.

Once you have created your logo, putting together a Brand Guidelines document that contains the key characteristics of your logo is advisable and beneficial.

This document should include all the variations of the logo, including logos for social media, offline material, various sizes and colours, black and white versions and even placement criteria.

What you really want from your logo is to see it take on a life of its own and you should use it wherever feasible.

Place it upon letterheads, business cards, websites, signature emails, marketing brochures, presentations, videos, social media platforms and anywhere you want your brand to be recognised.

Above all else, remember to stay true to your brand and always strive for consistency in everything you do both online and offline.

If you would like any help with your branding, design work or creating a brand guidelines document, why not contact our friendly team on 0845 456 1022 - alternatively fill in our Contact Us form.

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