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The Google Keyword Tool - Ignore It At Your Peril!

At digital marketing agency, Intergage, we are forever preaching the importance of solid and accurate keyword research. Without this, your web marketing strategy will be built on shaky ground and also the navigation structure of your Website.

While you may be adamant that you know the precise terms that your potential audience is using to search for your products and services – don’t rely solely on your guess work!

The Google Keyword Tool is a free device that will really give you insight into the search queries commonly used in Google by your prospective customers – the difference in search volume between the singular and plural version of a word can be massive and it is also worth paying attention to the level of competition for each term. It’s important though to note  that this competition refers to the approximate number of advertisers who have sponsored that keyword in a Google Adwords campaign – not the level of competition in the natural listings. However –  its fair to assume that a highly competitive keyword in PPC will also be competitive naturally.

If you put the time in, its quite common to unearth a golden nugget of a keyword that has pleasing search volume and surprisingly low competition – these are the terms that can boost the profitability of your SEO strategy – find them and create a new page on your Website which is solely focused around this theme.

Remember that you should not base your decisions around the broad match search volume of your keywords – instead, select exact match in the tool and get a truer indication of how popular that query is in your industry.

You can also choose to narrow your keyword research by language and country. Don’t just look at the global search volume – if you are specifically interested in the terms that English speaking customers in Spain are searching  for, you can refine your results by using the country and language options in the tool.

This is probably one of the valuable ways to spend your time when it comes to building a web marketing strategy. Think of it as laying the foundations upon which everything else is built.

If you would like more information about getting the most out of this tool call our friendly web marketing team today on 0845 456 1022

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