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The Facebook Edgerank Algorithm Update - What Does It Mean For My Business?

As some of you may know, long gone are the days where you were bombarded with status updates from all 600 Facebook friends – instead Facebook has for some time now had the edgerank algorithm.

To refresh your minds, the edgerank algorithm essentially rates all of the content from the friends and pages you follow or have on your Facebook and then shows you ones in order that it deems to be most relevant.

Pre update the algorithm consisted of:

  • The affinity score between viewing user and edge creator (aka content creator)
  • Weight of the edge type (create, comment, like, tag, share and so on)
  • Time decay factor which is concerned with how long ago the edge (content) was created

Like many social media platforms this algorithm saw your news feed as a personal social newspaper – with all of your most important friends and pages content being displayed in chronological order.

The update to the algorithm has essentially dulled down the importance of the time decay factor on posts, meaning that users can see older posts in their news feeds above more newly created content with lower relevancy rankings.

What does this mean for my business?

  • You can no longer take advantage of posting at peak times as content is no longer disseminated throughout the news feed chronologically
  • You will have to make more effort on a more regular basis to engage with your followers to increase the chances of being seen in their news feeds
  • It does give you the benefit of no longer having to work or schedule posts outside of normal working hours

Although there is very little brands are able to do about the recent algorithm update, it is important for brands to take it into consideration when undertaking activities as part of a Facebook strategy.

For more information on how you can improve your Facebook presence, or to know more about what Facebook can do for your business, contact us on 0845 456 1022.

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