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The 6 Myths of Digital Marketing

ggogle apps 2ndIn the spirit of April fool’s Day (and the confusion it can bring!) we want to clear up some of the myths surrounding Digital Marketing and the online world.

Here are just a few statements that people and businesses often believe to be true, but are either outdated, misconstrued or just plain wrong!

“The more keywords the better” – Years ago, having lots of key words on your website was ideal. Now however having a few strategic keywords that the content is based around is far more effective.

“Social Activity affects SEO” – Social Media is a great source for referral traffic and in turn boosts the level of engagement and visits to your website, however doesn’t influence your search engine rankings.

“SEO Is Dead” – This is very much not the case! Both on page and off page SEO are still very important. For example, without well composed meta data you’ll either rank very low or not have sufficient information to entice someone to click on your link. Optimising your site is very important; take a look at our Intergage training courses if you would like to know how.

“Mobile Traffic is not important to my site” – It is important for any business that has a website to make sure that it is responsive. From the 21st April Google will be releasing a mobile algorithm update that means any site that is not mobile friendly will not be ranking highly in Google mobile search results. More can be found out here on how to make sure that you have a responsive site.

“The majority of my online marketing budget should be spent on acquiring new business” – Often it is believed that marketing budget is best served acquiring new business for the company. We however encourage that more budget should be spent on the retention of existing clients to get the best results. Drop us a line to find out more!

“Marketing is just advertising” – Although this is slightly more traditional we think it’s important. Advertising is an element of marketing; however it is just one baked bean on the fried breakfast that is marketing.

 There are many aspects of Marketing, if you would like to have the myths in your marketing plan debunked please feel free to get in touch!

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