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Target and Tailor your Marketing Messages in LinkedIn

An advanced new feature is being rolled out across LinkedIn now! An essential tool for any Company Page on LinkedIn will be ‘Targeted Updates’.

Put simply this new feature will allow company updates from Page’s to be tailored and targeted to specific demographics or groups of followers, which you control and define.

From the Company Page and within the Share an Update window, there will be an option to “Share With”.Here you select ‘All Followers’ or ‘Targeted Audience’. If the second option is selected you then have the following parameters or options available to you:

  • Include or exclude company employees linked to the Company Page
  • Target Followers by Company Size (select a max of ten options). For example 11-50 employees, 51- 200 employees, 1001 – 5000 employees and 10,001+ employees
  • Target Followers by Industry Type (up to a maximum of 100 industry and sub industry types)
  • Target Followers by Function (job function up to a maximum of 10)
  • Target Followers by Seniority (Director, VP, Owner etc.)
  • Target Followers by Geography (country, region etc. up to a maximum of 10)

The ability to share, promote and broadcast messages to specific followers is a brilliant sales and marketing opportunity for Company Page’s that are engaging and have cultivated Followers. This can and will only enhance the engagement and loyalty to that Company, Business or Brand.

Measuring the success and reach of your targeted update is also an enhancement to LinkedIn. Within Page Statistics (formerly Analytics) you will be able to view impressions and engagement metrics for each ‘Targeted Update’. Reviewing what targeted measures were most successful, by the targeted criteria of Followers you set. A sales and marketing tool that is essential and incredibly valuable for your digital marketing strategy!

Please don’t confuse or assume that this new feature is a mirror image of Circles within Google+, where you can share specific messages to a defined group, where you control the visibility and sharing options. All ‘Targeted Updates’ are displayed publically on the Company Page. The benefit and intentions of this feature is to tailor relevant or specific messages that are appropriate or relevant to a specific group of Followers, with the specific or relevant company update appearing on their LinkedIn Home Page

To learn more about LinkedIn just speak with your account manager, book a place on the LinkedIn training workshop I run, or follow me here on this blog or via Twitter or Google+ for latest updates, tips and techniques related to LinkedIn.

As digital marketing agency Intergage’s LinkedIn expert it is my role to keep you informed and updated for all LinkedIn features and functionality.

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