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Step 5: Put Yourself In Front Of Them

Step 5 of our series of blogs examining ‘how to achieve real and engaging relationships with your customers’ concentrates on putting yourself in front of your customers.

Essentially, the secret to success is multi-channel campaigns. By adopting a number of platforms to present your messages, this will allow you to stay at the forefront of their minds. Today, as we continue to see the growing significance of digital communications, we must still be mindful that our customers are individuals and all have their preferred method of communication.

In order to ensure you are getting in front of every customer you need to consider 7 points of contact. Every customer is different and every customer is going to have a preferred method of communication. This might be face-to-face, email, telephone, and post. By delivering your messages via multiple points of contact you can ensure that you are potentially reaching every potential customer and communicating with them through their preferred medium.

Once you have identified your 7 points of contact, this will not only put you in front of your customers regardless of their platform preference, but it will also allow you to communicate and reinforce messages regularly.

C J Hayden commented that, once you have put yourself in front of your customers, the process of building a relationship with customers follows 5 P’s:

  • Passion
  • Push – push at the beginning to get going
  • Persistence
  • Patience
  • Profit

It is essential that you remain in the forefront of their minds so that when they are ready to make a buying decision, you are the company they think of and the brand they engage with.

It is, however, a balance between presenting your multi-channel messages and ‘hassling’ your customers. Adopting multiple channels spreads your message by ensuring that your message will be received regardless of a customer’s preferred communication channel but do be mindful of the ‘enthusiasm’ and ‘passion’ of your messages. Concentrate on using positive words but avoid exaggeration. Use bullet points to break up text and simplify messages.

Now that you have put yourself in front of your customers it is essential to really consider the content and regularity of those messages.

Look out for our next blog STEP 6: Communicating with your customers regularly and creating a reason for them to buy more.

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