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Step 4: Become A Part Of Their Community

Following on from our Step 1 and Step 2 and Step 3 blogs, Step 4 revolves around engaging relationships with your customers.

Becoming a part of your customer’s community is all about being seen as ethical and akin to them; being someone they would trust and build loyalty with.

You can achieve this by allowing each customer to speak to different members of your team and build relationships with them on multiple levels, and also by allowing customers to interact with other customers.

Becoming part of their inner circle involves two core elements: Seeing them face to face and showing them that you care:

See them face-to-face through your hospitality events and seminars, sponsorship of events, attending trade exhibitions, public speaking and networking.

Show them you care by getting involved with charities and community groups, engaging with local schools and universities and by having something you stand for.

There are so many big brands who do this well: Showing you that they have a cause they care about and consequently running campaigns around this cause, attending events, speaking on the subject etc.

You can only develop customers with true brand loyalty to you by establishing a relationship which is sustainable and emotional. How many of your customers are advocates for your brand and tell others about you? How many of your customers have had a brand experience with you so feel emotionally connected? How many of your customers speak to you on a regular basis and attend your events?

Research has shown that there are several steps to becoming a part of your customer’s community:

  • Speaking to them through the most appropriate communication channels
  • Showing you care about the same things as them
  • Showing how credible you are as a company
  • Becoming a part of their culture
  • Involving yourself in their community and groups
  • Creating regular marketing content which is relevant to them

The first step to take away from this blog is to define and understand the values you want to demonstrate and how they match with your audience.

Our next blog will move on to STEP 5: Put yourself in front of them.

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