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Step 2: Brand Match With Your Audience.

Following on from our Step 1 blog, this step will explore how you can match your brand and message to your audience: Immediately creating an emotional connection and becoming akin to them and their needs.

If you think about your closest friends; they are someone you trust and feel familiar with: This is how your brand should feel to your customers.

It is important to speak their language, to use positive and motivating tones and to show your passion and expertise through every member of your team they come into contact with.

It is also valuable to think about the meaning of colours, images and fonts you are using and how your customer base will identify with these.

Many companies fail to achieve engagement with their audience due to showing little or no empathy for their customers: Your loyal customers need to see that you care about something more than your products: Demonstrate this through community and charity involvement, sharing your expertise and being on hand as a resource.

There is a simple formula for success here:

Engagement + Trust + Targeted Contacts = Brand Impact

There are a few questions you can ask yourself, in order to make a start on this journey to engagement:

  • Do you have a clear company vision – is this being communicated both inside and outside the company?
  • Do you have clear and consistent branding and messages?
  • Do you communicate your brand values and ethics to your customers?
  • Do your customers agree with and understand your brand values and ethics?

One last thought to leave you with: How can your customers emotionally connect with your brand if you don’t show them your personality also?

The secret ingredient to success here is to have a clear brand personality and to communicate this through all of your marketing communications, consistently.

Look out for our Step 3 blog: Speak to them individually.

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