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Step 1 to an Optimised Content Marketing Strategy

This week we are dedicating our blog posts to Content Marketing – after a very successful Intergage customer seminar in March we want to discuss the 7 Steps in our famous infographic in more detail. Each day we will break down the steps, giving you to tips and advice on how to succeed in your content marketing strategy.

Stay tuned each day and by Friday you will have everything you need to kick start your strategy.

Step 1: Business Goals

So often companies dive into marketing efforts without taking a step back and asking the all-important question ‘what are we trying to do?’

The answer is usually pretty obvious – we are trying to get more people to buy what we’re selling. But the real question is ‘how are we going to get more people to buy what we’re selling?’

Breaking down your business goals into areas with clear and defined business outcomes is so important when starting your content marketing strategy. It could be that you want to:

  • April135acquire new customers
  • grow revenue or profitability
  • increase customer retention
  • provide customer service
  • elevate brand perception
  • build a bigger referral network

This is not an exhaustive list – it is about breaking down the areas of your business and setting defined goals.

As you work through all the steps you see the importance of taking the time to set your business goals at the start. Being aware of each goal and whether they fall into revenue, retention or service. This will then be translated into content.

Breaking the goals out will help you to achieve a mixture of business goals from acquiring customers and increasing customer retention to building a bigger referral network.

I would recommend not having more than 5 business goals at any one time otherwise you will be spreading yourself too thinly.

Once you have a firm set of business goals you can map them to supporting marketing objectives:

  • measuring online activities
  • social shares
  • social mentions
  • visits to company website
  • newsletter subscriptions
  • visits to your blog

Again this is not an exhaustive list and you will refine this as you work through the steps and analyse your outputs from your content activity.

Now you have your business goals and marketing objectives you can move on to the next steps – Research & Plan

We will post the Research and Plan Steps in the next couple of hours for you – Joe Ford will guide you through these steps.

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