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Social Media Marketing Strategies: Don't Just Tweet And Hope!

Okay. Here’s the thing – your social media marketing strategies depend heavily on Twitter.

And so far so good. You have loads of followers (more than you’re following, so your ratio is good) and you’re tweeting like a good’un.

But every so often you get a creeping pang of self-doubt – is anyone reading my tweets? Is this doing any good? Is it generating business?

If it feels like you’re gigging an empty stadium then it’s time to take stock…

Aside from checking your Twitter mentions, retweets, direct messages and follower numbers, there are some valuable tools and apps well worth checking out:

• Google Analytics – an absolute ‘must’ that will show how much business your social media marketing strategies are bringing you. Ensure you have Goals set up. Go to Traffic Sources, scroll down to Referring Sites and see how much traffic Twitter has sent to your site. Click on the Twitter link to see which profiles have sent visitors to your site and whether they have converted into Goals.

• Bit.ly is a gre at URL shortener. Customise your shortened URLs then check the stats to see many people clicked on the links you shared and where they came from. Simply click on the link in the Info Plus column – or paste your shortened link into a new tab and add a + symbol.

• ReSearch.ly reveals who’s saying what about you. A simple sentiment graph shows your popularity at a glance – enabling you to identify positive and negative sentiment quickly and easily.

• Topsy is a real time social search engine with a splendid Alerts feature – think of it as Google Alerts for tweets. Type in your (or your competitor’s) Twitter handle and up will pop a handy Alerts link on the right hand side of the screen.

• TweetReach answers the most basic of questions: “How far did my tweet go?” Just key in a Twitter name and it will check up to 50 recent tweets, showing how many impressions they’ve collectively generated.

• Qwitter emails you when people unfollo w you. So bang goes the idea of anyone unfollowing you anonymously. As footy fans would have it: “We can see you sneaking out.”

• Hootsuite has tabs and columns which cut through the clutter so you can see tweets on your chosen subjects more easily. It’s not perfect though. You’ll still have to wade through lots of irrelevant tweets. Still, it comes with its own URL shortener – plus social media analytics.

It pays to be systematic. Create spreadsheets so you can track and graph your progress. Benchmark your performance against that of your rivals.

For more advice about social media marketing strategies, contact the Intergage web marketing team now and follow us on Twitter.

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