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Sleeping Social Satellites - Time To Wake Yours

What happens when you look out of the window to your office? Depending on how high you are the further you might be able to see. Of course we all know why we can’t see further than that, it’s because the earth is round, it drops off the horizon. In military circles this is known as line of sight. Once beyond this the rest of the world is the unknown.

Now think in reverse, how many people beyond that horizon know about you and your company. How are they going to get to hear of you without something that reaches above and over your horizon and starts making some noise in their immediate area?

If you want to make some noise over your horizon, you’ll need to deploy some satellites into space and bounce the noise from a height. The further we want to make noise travel, the more satellites we have to launch until we have created a chain right around the world to deliver a continuous stream of noise to an ever expanding audience.

Satellites don’t come cheap, between £50,000,000 and £400,000,000 plus you have to travel to Kazakistan to deliver them (don’t tell me you don’t want to see your own rocket go off).  Of course you don’t know it yet but you have your own set of satellites that are asleep on the job, literally.

Brand advocates and early adopters are traditionally thought of as being your clients and customers. Have you ever taken the time to look around your own staff and wonder what their opinion of your brand might be? “Of course not – they just work here!” No, they don’t just work for you. They are the brand. If they are not now, then they should be and they should have the opportunity to make some noise about it.

Most employees will be loyal people, filled with pride about where they work and quite often will have been involved in the creation of your brand. Are they not the best people to talk about who they work for?

Make your staff into your satellites; Let them blast the message over the horizon. Send your staff into space now. Your average employee already has the tools to do it with Linkedin and Facebook profiles, Twitter accounts. Yes it needs a little structure and some guidelines and training to ensure the voice of the brand is maintained but the benefits are there to be snatched without having to break the bank.

Do a quick calculation of the reach of your company profiles and what would happen if you combined that with the personal reach of your staff connections across their social media channels and the numbers will stagger you. You don’t even need to poach their connections, get them set up with company profiles and allow them to build it organically.

Social media is here to stay and gives your company the tools to engage not only with your customers but with the employees throughout the chain. Share ideas from the post room to the boardroom and see what comes of it.

Don’t just take my word for it, have a look at Intergage’s Linkedin profile and see how we implement our ideas of becoming the “Social Business “.

Also worth a read is “The Social Employee: How Great Companies Make Social Media Work” by Cheryl Burgess and Mark Burgess.

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