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Should You Use a .uk Domain?

Last year .uk domains became available. Previously, it was only possible to buy variants such as .co.uk or .org.uk, so people did and that's why so many domains end in .co.uk, such as intergage.co.uk.

There are some benefits to a .uk domain over a .co.uk domain.

Its quicker to type

wwwblogWith www. being used less and less frequently, bits of the domain are being cut off at each end.

www.intergage.co.uk at 19 characters becomes intergage.uk at just 12 characters. This is much easier to type and provides less opportunity for typos.

Whilst it may be easier to remember, entering the www. and.co is such second nature for most people, you need to make sure any combination will work.


It very much depends who you ask, what you read and when you read it! At the time of writing, I am struggling to find any resources suggesting there are worthwhile SEO benefits, however, I am yet to find any evidence it's a bad idea either.

However, like all things SEO, the rules can change very quickly and this may be an area that becomes beneficial in the future.


Registering the .uk domain means that nobody else can register the .uk equivalent of your domain and trade under your identity.

Therefore, there is a benefit to registering the domain even if you don't use it.

Recommended Usage

Personally, I recommend a .uk domain as a secondary domain. If you have potential customers typing in your domain by hand, you want to make this as easy as possible to ensure they will get to your website. You can then choose whether you use the .co.uk or .uk domain in your printed material.

This week, Intergage acquired .uk domains for every .co.uk domain they manage and are in the process of offering these for free to its customers.

If you'd like to know more then get in touch with our friendly client services team by calling 01202 684 009 or contact us online!

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