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Sacrilege Darling! Are You Committing These Blogging Sins?

Blogging can be an incredibly rewarding activity – especially when the content that you post begins to attract those all-important comments, likes and shares.

There are numerous advantages to maintaining a blog such as increased traffic to your site, improved search engine rankings and or perhaps a better level of customer service.

Blogging objectives can be very individual to the blogger but there are certain goals that should be common to all – and it would be sinful to ignore them. Are you in danger of committing these tragic crimes to blogging?

1)      Ignoring the needs of your target readership

It’s very important to understand the needs of your reader.  What questions do they have? What are their pain points? What motivates them in the buying cycle? If your competitors are failing to address these issues in their blogs then seize the opportunity to fill a void in your market place in your own!

Good tools to use when trying to ascertain the requirements of your reader are:

The Google Keyword Tool – understand approximate monthly search volume for target keywords
Google Trends – understand how demand peaks and troughs over a certain time frame for these terms


Social Mention – track and measure what people are saying about your  company, industry, a new product in the market and much more, across the social landscape of the Web.

2)      Underestimating the importance of reader engagement

Satisfying as it is to create and upload your posts each week (or month!) and to witness the steady growth of your blog – you will not experience the kind of advantages I mentioned earlier, such as increased traffic to your site or improved search engine rankings, if no one is interacting with your content!

The holy grail of blogging is to trigger “social signals” – these come in the form of reader comments, Facebook likes and shares, Twitter retweets,  Linked in shares, Google +1’s and so on. These signals alert the search engines to the fact that your content is producing engagement and on this basis, they are more likely to trust your blog, your Website and ultimately reward you with a greater search engine presence.

Reader engagement should also be viewed as a valuable indication of how valuable your content is. If no one is interacting with it, most likely – it won’t be doing your business or your Website any favours. Don’t forget to comment on other blogs yourself – it’s a good way to increase your own readership and become established as a credible through leader within your industry.

Tip! You can use custom reports in Google Analytics to understand which blog posts are producing the most social or “off site” signals. Make sure that you analyse what is, and isn’t working for you.

 3)      Over-optimising your blog

Before Google’s Panda and Penguin algorithmic updates, it was perfectly acceptable to scatter purely keyword rich hyperlinks throughout your posts (or Web pages) and to focus content around just one single keyword if necessary.

That would now be nothing short of blogging sacrilege.

These days, it’s extremely important to write each blog post around a cluster of keywords or topics. You can still focus on a single theme, but when writing your post ensure that you include  singular and plural versions of a keyword as well as synonyms and related phrases, rather than creating contrived content around just one key term.

Other than littering your post with keyword rich anchor text it is now essential that your content also includes “natural looking” hyper link text such as “View our product range now” or even just your primary domain in a phase such as “visit www.example.co.uk for more information”.

For more information about blogging, come along to one of our training workshops on how to blog or contact us at Intergage on 0845 456 1022.

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