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Optimising for Google Image Search: The Lowdown

We all know that search engine optimisation, pay per click, email marketing and so on are excellent mediums for increasing traffic to a website but, with over a billion page views a day, Google Image search is frequently overlooked as a high quality source of  traffic, depending on your industry.

The question is – have you done everything you can to optimise your images so that they are ranked for profitable image based search phrases?

Before you begin to think about optimisation it is imperitive that your images are sized correctly in order to improve load times and reduce the impact on your server – there are many simple tools to help you achieve this which are available on the Web. Once this has been done it’s time to make your image as attractive as possible to the seach engine.

Make sure that you accurately describe your  image in the filename – using a keyword that you wish for it to be ranked for. If your image name is simply left as a bland alpha numerical reference then this will do little to encourage Google to display it.

Adding alt tags to your images will allow you to associate them with the relevant keywords you wish them to be ranked for while creating a keyword rich title tag will certainly help the searcher as this appears when they hover over the image. When optimising a Web page the title tag is of paramount importance to the search engine but it is still a grey area as to how much an image title tag affects its rank. However, it is better to play safe and create a nice relevant title tag for your image as it certainly cant hurt.

it is important to reinforce the image relevancy to the Web page – Google will assess your page copy to see how relevant it is to the image so it is important to make reference to any imagery in the main text of the page.

So having considered all of the above – ask yourself how your business can benefit from image search and perhaps you could unearth a potential source of targetted new traffic to your site.

If you would like to know more about Google image search or any other aspect of Web marketing, contact our friendly team at digital marketing agency Intergage, on 0845 456 1022 today for more information.

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